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Electrified Streamliner


Feel the new standard
for dynamic driving of EV.

Aesthetic curves and aerodynamic front design minimize air resistance,
leading to smooth and dynamic driving.

Get a glimpse into
IONIQ 6 World Premiere.



Completing the Streamliner

ioniq6 exterior background pc

Electrified Streamliner

Streamlined Silhouette

The aesthetic and functional blend harmoniously in the streamlined silhouette of IONIQ 6. Evoking the naturally sculpted beauty of a river stone with a simple, aerodynamic, and sensuous silhouette design, the Electrified Streamliner offers optimized spatiality and new typology to lead the EV mobility era.

Pixel up the electric future.

Parametric Pixel Lights

‘Light up the future with IONIQ’s signature Parametric Pixel design.
Showcased in over 700 parts including headlamps, rear combination lamps, and front lower sensors, the design has evolved and integrated to reinforce brand identity in IONIQ 6. Implemented in every IONIQ model, the Parametric Pixel links the digital and analog to connect generations towards an electric future.

ioniq6 parametric pixel lights pc

Beauty of transparency

Transparent Materials

IONIQ 6 embodies the silhouette of our dreams, shaped with glass-like, transparent textures that exquisitely reflect light. The functional, sensorial, and emotional attributes of transparency are highlighted in IONIQ 6’s rear spoiler, shark antenna, DSM camera, crash pad garnish, door map pocket, and console lower cover, further accentuating the sense of spaciousness and uniqueness.

ioniq6 transparent HMSL common

ioniq6 shark antenna common

Shark Antenna

ioniq6 DSM common

DSM(Digital Side Mirror) Camera

ioniq6 visualizing the future common

Connecting you to a new dimension

New Hyundai Emblem

Symbolizing the beginning of the new era,
the new Hyundai emblem is featured on IONIQ 6 for the very first time.

ioniq6 sleek and streamlined common

Sleek yet functional

Flush door handles

The planed design of the automatic flush door handles
perfects the smooth surface, enhancing aerodynamic
efficiency and safety.


Personal Space

ioniq6 interior pc

The cocoon-shaped hideaway

Mindful Cocoon & Optimized Spatiality

IONIQ 6’s cocoon-shaped interior accommodates a mindful personal space on wheels, serving as both a comfortable hideaway and personal space replete with practical features and sustainable materials to facilitate a mindful, eco-friendly mobility experience and lifestyle.

Create your own ambience with customized lighting.

Dual Color Ambient Lighting

Set the ambience of the interior with Dual Color Ambient Lighting’s overall illumination for IONIQ 6. Select from 64 color options each for top and bottom tier to compose your mood light settings. Enrich your driving experience with psychological effects from 6 dual color themes recommended by color experts.

When Lighting runs with Speed

Speed Sync Lighting

Lighting synchronizes with speed. Brightness of front cabin lighting shifts from 10% at 30km/h to 100% at 100km/h.
* Feel your speed in the brightness of lights.
* Speed sync lighting only applies to the front row when activated and brightness level at 100% is set on the infotainment touchscreen.

Personalize and optimize your space.

In-car Storages

Settle in comfort in the versatile interior with efficient and ample storage space.
The button-less slim door offers maximized pocket room, the drawer-like sliding glove box has generous space capacity, and the wide, open styled center console tray adds specialized space for extra convenience.

Multifunctional versatility

Bridge-type Center Console

Enhance your in-car experience by customizing your space. Easily set up the center console for rest, work, lounge, or play and enjoy your lifestyle on the road.

ioniq6 life style interior common

Give your legs a stretch

Optimized Spatiality

Really s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Because you can.
IONIQ 6’s dedicated flat floor structure platform E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) modularizes parts and maximizes interior space for you to drive, lounge, and play in ultimate comfort.

ioniq6 spacious legroom 1 common

ioniq6 spacious legroom 2 common

Ecologically responsible

Sustainable Materials

In line with IONIQ 6’s Ethical Uniqueness theme and inspired by today’s eco-conscious consumers, various sustainable materials are applied to the exterior and interior of IONIQ 6. Depending on the trim level, these include eco-process leather (seats), recycled PET fabric (seats), bio TPO skin (dashboard), bio PET fabric (headliner), bio paint derived from vegetable oils (doors), and recycled fishing net carpet — the latter is a first for the IONIQ brand.

ioniq6 svm 1 common

Eco-processed leather
Eco-processed leather treated with plant extracts and dyed with flaxseed oil is used in the seats and other interior components.

ioniq6 svm 3 common

Surfaces such as interior door panels and steering wheel are coated in bio-paint which is composed with extracts from plants such as rape flowers and corn.

ioniq6 svm 2 common

Recycled fisher-net carpets
Sustainable fibers made from recycled fisher-nets are used in IONIQ 6’s carpets.

EV Performance

Ever electrifying

It’s your drive, we’re just letting you choose it

EV Performance tune-up

Find the perfect fit to match your personal driving style.
Adjust vehicle performance and driving mode to suit your sensibilities.

* EV Performance tune-up : Adjust power, accelerator pedal sensitivity, steering, and driveline.

Enjoy true sounds of driving

Electric Active Sound Design (e-ASD)

Enhance your ride with Hyundai’s virtual sounds for EV.
Enjoy 3-tier volume to immerse yourself in a fuller driving experience.

ioniq6 charging keyvisual ioniq6 parking at side by building pc
Charged and ready to go

Electrically accessible

Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)

V2L is the innovative feature of IONIQ 6 that allows you to plug in electrical devices and appliances into the power outlet from inside or outside of your car. General electric power (230V/120V) is provided inside and outside, and you can use 3.6kVA for 230V power devices and 1.9kVA for 120V power devices.

ioniq6 electrically accessible woman taking vlog in ioniq6 pc

Stress-free driving for any destination

400V/800V Multi Ultra-Fast Charging

Complete charging before your ice cream melts! With the ultra-fast 800V battery system, you can charge 10% to 80% capacity in under 18 minutes.

ioniq6 man leaning on charging ioniq6 pc

One stop charging, never stop driving

Get more range with upgraded battery power.
From the efficient standard battery to the extensive long-range battery, top speed is the same at 185km/h

All-wheel drive

All in for sporty acceleration and speedy charging. A 350 kW DC station takes 18 minutes for a 10% to 80% charge, with a 50 kW DC station taking 66 minutes. Feel the power of speed in a matter of seconds, from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds and from 80 to 120 km/h in 3.4 seconds.

Two-wheel drive

Take on long distances with ease. For charging, a 350 kW DC station takes 18 minutes for a 10% to 80% charge with a range of 131 km* from 5 minutes of charging, and a 50 kW DC station takes 66 minutes for a 10% to 80% charge. Speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds, and from 80 to 120 km/h in 4.6 seconds.


Thoughtfully convenient

ioniq6 convenience keyvisual ioniq6 driving city pc

You never drive alone

Interactive Pixel Lights

IONIQ 6 presents a special user experience of interacting with you by illuminating 4 pixel lights with distinctive colors and motions on the steering wheel to display status of the vehicle.

Clever visibility anytime

Digital Side Mirror(DSM) & DSM Integrated Dashboard

The cameras and OLED displays integrated with the dashboard offer a clearer, wider view than conventional side mirrors even at night and in bad weather conditions.

Plug into digital fun.

USB Ports

Get easy access to a total of 5 USB ports to charge,
including one that supports data transfer for various smart devices.

ioniq6 usb ports one a type port for data transfer pc

※ 1 A-type port for data transfer
(on top of center console)

ioniq6 usb ports two c type ports for charging on 2nd row air vents pc

※ 2 C-type ports for charging
(on 2nd row air vents)

ioniq6 usb ports two c type ports for charging in the center console pc

※ 2 C-type ports for charging
(in the center console)

ioniq6 usb ports one a type port for data transfer pc

Quick and Simple wireless charging

Wireless charging system

Speed up wireless charging of your mobile phone with upgraded charging power.

ioniq6 bluetooth multi connection pc

Connect to your vibe.

Bluetooth multi-connection

Connect up to two Bluetooth devices at the same time to easily switch up the vibe.

Get comfortable up front.

Relaxation Comfort Seat (first row)

Get into the best seat position with a single touch and enjoy ultimate comfort.


Safety on the go

ioniq6 safety keyvisual woman on 2nd row in ioniq6 pc

Safety comes with considerate lights.

Intelligent Front-lighting System (IFS)

IFS partial light control function detects approaching vehicles and prevents dazzling effects from the high-beam for other drivers, while securing clear visibility for the driver.

ioniq6 safety surround view monitor svm pc

Perspective in
every direction

Surround view monitor (SVM)

Get an all-around view for smooth and safe driving and parking. 4 wide-angle cameras in front, back, and side pick up every angle with no blind spots.

ioniq6 safety head up display hud pc

All info straight ahead

Head-up display (HUD)

Keep your eyes on the road. All the information you need is in clear sight on the windshield, letting you stay focused for safe and easy driving.

ioniq6 safety seven airbags pc

7 for safety

7 Airbags

7 airbags provide enhanced safety including a driver’s seat center side airbag to shield against head injuries caused by passengers colliding.