Driving innovation
Hybrid Ioniq

GDi gasoline engine 1,580
Rear seats down, up to roof 1,505
Battery type Lithium-ion polymer

I see a changing world.

Moving in a new direction

When I look at my IONIQ hybrid, I see the future of mobility and the chance to make a difference. IONIQ hybrid is my choice mainly because of its amazing style and low CO2 emissions: just 79g/km. So, I am making a difference and helping create a cleaner, better world. What’s more, driving IONIQ is pure fun.


The future is here.

I really admire the elegance and simplicity of my IONIQ. It looks futuristic and inside, it’s brimming with innovative features. IONIQ slices through the wind like no other car aided by its low coefficient of drag that allows me to enjoy a whisper quiet ride and great fuel efficiency.


Radiator grille
The signature hexagonal grille features computer-controlled flaps that close automatically to improve aerodynamics.

Radiator grille

LED Daytime running lights (DRL)
DRLs have a stylish, high-tech look thanks to highly efficient LEDs that deliver maximum brightness while drawing minimal current.

LED Daytime running lights (DRL)

Rear bumper
Two-tone bumper has a graphic insert to add a sporty touch and provide continuity with the front end design.

Rear bumper

Feel that emotional connection.

IONIQ’s interior is a masterpiece of emotional design: elegantly simple and pleasant to the touch but packed with innovative features such as wireless phone charging. The D-cut steering wheel provides a sporty look but also makes for easier entry and egress.


Supervision cluster with 4.2˝ color LCD
The cluster offers a wide range of useful information and is designed for intuitive understanding and confident driving. The speedometer has a pleasant 3D effect.

Supervision cluster with 4.2˝ color LCD

Smart cruise control (SCC)
SCC maintains the pre-set speed and a safe distance between vehicles by regulating the throttle and automatically applying the brakes. SCC disengages below 10km/h.

Smart cruise control (SCC)

Center console
The brilliant layout and packaging of the console keeps me well organized. There’s enough space for my tablet, smartphone and all kinds of other travel essentials.

Center console

The best of both worlds.

Under IONIQ’s hood two hearts beat as one: a 32kW electric motor and a Kappa 1.6-liter Atkinson GDi engine. IONIQ switches seamlessly between the conventional engine and electric motor. Gasoline direct injection extracts the maximum amount of energy from each droplet of fuel while delivering 105PS.


Low center of gravity

Low center of gravity

By mounting the battery under the seats, IONIQ is able to attain an exceptionally low center of gravity. This greatly enhances agility and helps make IONIQ so much fun to drive.

Safer than ever.

Inside IONIQ, I know I’m safer than ever. It’s like having my own personal bodyguard beside me whenever I’m behind the wheel of my IONIQ: It gives me total peace of mind. With LDWS, AEB and other advanced safety systems, IONIQ provides numerous layers of protection so that I can drive with complete confidence.



Lane departure warning system (LDWS)

LDWS uses optical sensors to continuously monitor the lane markings on the roadway. If I begin to depart my traffic lane without a prior lane change signal, LDWS will automatically issue audible and visual alerts reminding me to take corrective action and help keep me safe.

Smart cruise controi (SCC)

SCC does much more than maintain a preset speed. The smart function automatically maintains a safe distance between me and the car ahead by using throttle and brake intervention. SCC automatically deactivates below 10km/h.

Automatic emergency braking (AEB)

Representing one of the most important advancements in automotive safety, AEB monitors the vehicle ahead and will automatically apply the brakes and bring IONIQ to a safe stop thus minimizing the risk of a collision. AEB also includes pedestrian detection capabilities.

7-airbag system

It’s reassuring to know that the 7-airbag system offers comprehensive protection. There’s a pair of front airbags for my front passenger and me plus an airbag for my knees. A pair of side airbags (front seats only) and full-length curtain airbags defend against side collisions.

IONIQ hybrid

Unit: mm, Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)