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Grand i10

K 1.0 D-CVVT (Gasoline) Max. Power(PS / rpm): 66 / 5,500
K 1.25 D-CVVT (Gasoline) Max. Power (PS / rpm): 87 / 6,000
Tire (STD) 165 / 65R14

City smart, fun friendly

The streets are calling and the new Grand i10 answers with confidence and style. It offers all the versatility and efficiency of a hatchback plus it’s low in CO2 emissions and delivers outstanding fuel economy. The new Grand i10 is everything you want, all wrapped in city style and loaded with amenities that feature the greatest luxury of all – affordability.


Push-button perfection.

Luxury begins even before you enter the Grand i10. Rather than fumbling through a pursue or pockets for your key, the Grand i10’s smart key technology automatically unlocks the doors on your approach – and offers a simple start/stop button to get you going. Underway, luxurious amenities like steering wheel audio controls, power windows and air conditioning improve both comfort and convenience.


Designed with you in mind.

Form meets function.

The sculpted body with its arched roof line and chiseled shoulders creates a car that not only looks stylish, but performs splendidly thanks to improvements in aerodynamics, luggage space access, passenger entry, and impact absorption. LED repeaters built into the side mirror housings add a touch of high tech flair while enhancing safety. And it’s all finished with a generous use of glass for better all-round visibility and a brighter interior.


Stylish alloy wheels
Large wraparound headlamps
Lower step height
Large wraparound taillamps

Full-size entertainment

From power steering to powering your iPod®, the Grand i10 is loaded with high tech for total command and control. An in-dash LCD updates you with key driving information while four acoustically-tuned speakers work in concert with iPod®, MP3 and USB capabilities to deliver crystal-clear audio. Keeping you connected is standard Bluetooth® hands-free calling with audio controls mounted on the steering wheel for the ultimate in safety and convenience.

Audio system

1. Audio system
Exquisite interior acoustics enhance the life-like qualities of the sound system with AM/FM radio, CD and MP3 playback capability. The optional audio system comes with an LCD monitor and optimally placed function buttons for a convenient and more enjoyable listening experience.

Gauge cluster

2. Gauge cluster/LCD
A sharper and more ergonomic gauge cluster completes the Grand i10’s futuristic interior design while making it easy to view a wide range of driving and vehicle status information.

Big on the inside.

The Grand i10 can bring everyone along without leaving anything behind. How? Through luggage space that has increased a full 31 liters over the previous model, as well as innovative design ideas like a storage system hidden under the boot floor, a removable parcel shelf, and storage trays that slide out from under the seats.

Big on the inside

Sips gas. Gulps savings.

When the road opens up, the Grand i10 responds with spirited performance. There’s a choice of engines: the 1.0L powerplant delivers 66PS but for those who demand more, the 1.25L has a peak output of 87PS. Both feature innovative, eco-friendly technologies that not only deliver exceptional fuel economy, but ultra-low emissions as well.


Kappa 1.25L engine

The Grand i10’s 1.25-liter engine offers 87PS with minimal CO2 emissions thanks to Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT), which ensures not a drop of fuel is wasted. It dramatically reduces emissions while raising power output.

 Kappa 1.0L engine

Innovations like a low-friction timing chain and carbon-coated tappets, coupled with all-aluminum construction, turn the 66PS 1.0L engine into a leader for both fuel economy and low emissions.

Automatic transmission

The automatic 4-speed transmission delivers silk-smooth gear shifting and improved fuel economy through advanced technologies like solenoid valves and a flat-type torque convertor.

Manual transmission

The 5-speed manual transmission features short throws for more responsive – and more engaging – city performance, while a tall fifth gear offers dramatically improved economy at highway speed.

Is there such a thing as too much safety?

Hyundai doesn’t think so. Which is why the Grand i10 is packed with safety features: dual front air bags, a high-strength safety cage, 4-channel anti-lock brakes with extra large front discs and brake boosters all of which help to shorten stopping distances. It’s a long list of safety features…but never too long.



Electronic stability control (ESC)
The safest accident is the one you avoid. Which is why Electronic Stability Control monitors your car’s intended path, and almost instantly incorporates multiple technologies to help prevent any loss of control.

The Grand i10 is equipped with extra-large front disc brakes to help assure the car’s dual front airbags stay neatly tucked away.

Dual airbag
The Grand i10 comes equipped with dual front airbags that can significantly 3 reduce injury in certain types of accidents.

Reverse sensor
A reverse parking sensor makes what is already an easy car to park even easier. It detects hazards and sounds a distance-changing chirp to let you know your proximity to potential hazards


* Unit: mm, wheelbase based on 165 / 65R14″ tires


TypeK  1.0 D-CVVT (Gasoline) K 1.0 D-CVVT (Gasoline)
Overall length (mm) 3,765 3,765
Overall width (mm) 1,660 1,660
Overall height (mm) 1,505 1,505
Wheel base (mm) 2,425 2,425
Wheel tread (mm) Front 1,479 1,479
Wheel tread (mm) Rear 1,493 1,493
Head room (mm) 1st row 1,008 1,008
Head room (mm) 2nd row 975 975
Leg room (mm) 1st row 1,050 1,050
Leg room (mm) 2nd row 860 860
Shoulder room (mm) 1st row 1,306 1,306
Shoulder room (mm) 2nd row 1,302 1,302
Displacement (cc) 998 1,248
Max. Power (PS / rpm) 66 / 5,500 87 / 6,000
Max. Torque (kg·m / rpm) 9.6 / 3,500 12.2 / 4,000
Brakes Front 14″ Disc(252 18t) 14″ Disc(252 18t)
Brakes Rear 13″ Disc(234 10t) with ESC(OPT) / 8″ Drum(203) 13″ Disc(234 10t) with ESC(OPT) / 8″ Drum(203)
Suspension Front Mcpherson strut type Mcpherson strut type
Suspension Rear Coupled torsion beam axle type Coupled torsion beam axle type
Tire (STD) 165 / 65R14 165 / 65R14
Fuel tank (liter) 43 43
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  • Hyundai Motor Company reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice.
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